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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Week In Review

This week I'm going to share some lovely links instead of a collage (mostly due to the fact that I'm unable to clip most of my favourite things onto polyvore).

I absolutely love Jentines much that I plan on buying them when I head to the city on Tuesday!

Whenever Fall comes around I get so caught up in Fall colours that I completely forget about the rest...thank goodness Sarah reminded me how much I love bright colours with black and white!

Who doesn't love Thank You notes?  I burst into giggles every time I read the ones Ashley writes!

Do you ever wonder what guys really think about Fashion? Lisa asks her hubby the tough questions we all want to know about!!

Remember the project I'm working on with Kimberly?

I'd also like to share some links with you that might be able to help you gather some refashioning ideas!

Kristina is always "Anthropologizing" her clothes...she has a full page of refashion ideas!

You can find over 40 refashions on this page!

And of course I can't leave out any project that I've done!!
A doily t-shirt, Sequined Tuxedo Striped Pants, Adding a Keyhole to a Blouse, and my very latest DIY refashioned shoes!

If you have any refashion links, please share them in my comments!

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