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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mullet Skirt (Fishtail Hem) DIY x2

A long time ago I promised DIY instructions to make your own mullet skirt.  Of course if you don't feel like making one from scratch you can follow these instructions using an existing skirt.
I've also included instructions for adding a mullet skirt to a dress pattern so you can make a "mullet dress"!!

Materials and Supplies
- Paper
- Pencil
- Measuring Tape
- Scissors
- Tailors Chalk
- Sewing Machine
- Fabric (Approx 1.5m)
- Thread to Match
- 1cm wide Elastic (length = your waist measurement)


1. Draw a circle with the circumference being the same measurement as your hips.  Cut or fold in half (or only draw half).

2. Lay out your fabric as shown below.  Place your half circle pattern on the fabric along the fold the measurement of the length that you want your skirt to be in the front + 3cm (1 3/8") from the left edge.

3.  Measure from the opposite side of your waist hole along the fold towards the right edge of the fabric the length that you would like the back of your skirt to be.  Mark there with tailors chalk.

4.  Measure down from the center edge of the waist circle towards the bottom of your fabric the length that you would like your sides to be.  Mark there with tailors chalk.

The measurements that I used for my skirt:
Front length = 46cm (18")
Back length = 76cm (30")
Side length=  56cm (22")

5.  Use tailors chalk to join all your marks with curved lines.  

6.   Cut out your pattern by cutting out the waist hole and around the line you just made.

7.  Make a casing for your elastic by turning down the inside edge of the waist circle 2cm (3/4") towards the inside of the skirt, then sew around it at 1.5 cm (5/8"), leaving a hole in the center back to feed your elastic through.

8.  Feed your elastic through the casing (I used a safety pin to help pull it through).  Sew both ends of the elastic together.  Sew the hole closed.  For clearer instructions on making a casing see steps 4-8 on this tutorial.

9.  Hem your skirt with whatever method you'd like.  I serged mine using the rolled hem setting.  If you don't have a serger that does this I would recommend doing a small rolled hem.

Because the fabric I used was sheer I lined my skirt, and completely skipped steps 7 and 8 by sewing together a tube of fabric the width of my hips and the length of the front of the skirt.  I joined it to the mullet skirt by putting the pretty side of the mullet skirt fabric against the ugly side of the tube and sewed them together at the top of the tube and the waist circle of the skirt.  Then I flipped my skirt right sides out, pressed everything flat along the top. and then sewed in 1.5cm (5/8") along the top edge leaving a hole in the center back to feed my elastic through the two layers.

How to Alter a Dress Pattern to have a Mullet Skirt
  • Find a dress pattern that has a seam along the waist and a center back zipper (I used Butterick B6582)
  • Find out what the finished waist measurement is of the size you are making.
  • Make the mullet skirt pattern using the finished waist measurement instead of the hip measurement.
  • I would recommend putting some kind of marking on the top part of the dress and the skirt at the center front so you can make sure everything is lined up correctly while sewing.
  • After you've cut out your skirt pattern cut the fold along the center back from top to bottom. 
  • Usually the addition of a back seam would mean that we should make the circle measurement bigger, but with so much of the waistline being along the bias it actually will stretch more than enough to make up for that.
  • Sew together your dress attaching the circle skirt to the patter instead of the original skirt pieces!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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Jodi said...

ohhh you cant use that word mullet... hah hah you made me laugh so hard because I know you see mullet hairstyles everywhere up there.. hah hah I was just in balfour visiting and of course I just saw a whole bunch of fashion trainwrecks and mullets... too funny!! xo J