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Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Fashion Woes

Jacket- Self Made (This post)
Scarf- Thrifted
Hat- Joe Fresh
Jeans- Liquidation World $3
Shoes- DSW

I've mentioned it before on my blog how much I dislike winter.  I think that statement would be different if I lived somewhere where it only snowed three times a year, or the average temperature in the wintertime was no colder that -7 Celsius. 

The fact is that this is where I live, so I'm going to just have to learn to deal with it!
As a fashion blogger I feel like winter completely throws me off my "game".  I feel like the cold weather limits my wardrobe so much that it's hard to still be creative with my outfits.  I know that I can still dress stylish, but I don't have as many options for mixing things up.  Does this make sense?  Cold weather to me usually means a warm stylish coat, leather gloves and warm pants or thick tights.  This formula could quickly become repetitive and boring, and that's the last thing I want!

Another winter blogging issue I keep thinking about is how does my weather effect the people who read my blog?  I know I can't change my I know I have to deal with it, and I will continue to get dressed and post pictures on my blog...but I'm somewhat curious if those of you who live in warmer climates are going to be less intrigued to see what I'm wearing for the next few months because you can not relate at all to my outfits.

I know for myself that I continue to read blogs from all different climates, but where I live there are four seasons, so I can still be inspired for when the weather changes.  There are many people who live in climates that will never have to dress for the cold weather like I do....but then again there are a lot of fashionable people freezing their behinds off this winter along with me!

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Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

This is tough because I know some readers don't like to see a blogger's outerwear but I don't think it's realistic that we'll freeze for some photos. I take mine indoors when I can and in the rain otherwise (it doesn't get that cold her). Whatever you choose, I'm still going to read your blog.