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Monday, December 12, 2011

Breaking Down Walls

Sweater- Suzy Shier
Necklace- DIY
Dress- H&M
Tights- Walmart
Boots- Steve Madden

I really like how fashion blogging has opened my eyes to new things.  I realize that layering a chunky knit sweater over a dress isn't a new thing, but it's probably not something I would have worn in the past.  Does this mean that because I have a fashion blog I wear things only because they're trendy, not because I like them? Nope not at all!  What it means is that two years ago I would have sat back and admired an outfit like this instead of actually wearing it myself.  Instead of fully taking part in fashion, I just sat back and wished I could be that girl. 
I remember in College admiring all the girls who could pull off wearing pretty much anything.  I don't know why I didn't try to find my own style back then.  The silliest thing about this whole story is that I studied Fashion in College!  I was surrounded by fashion everyday, but I was too scared to fully take part in it. 
I was scared of what people would think if I showed up to class in something that was a little bit different from my normal style (or lack there of).  I was scared of looking like a "try hard".  But most of all I was just scared of stepping outside of the box....the box that I built myself.  The box that said "I won't ever wear black and brown together"....the box that said "I will never wear pointy toed shoes, or skinny heels"...the box that said "I love how that girl styled that outfit, but I could never pull it off...".
I'm so glad that the walls of the box have been ripped down by blogging.  I guess I can't give full credit to my blog, because I think growing up had a little bit to do with it too.  
I was talking to my friend Brianna on the phone yesterday, and we were discussing how her friends and family often say "Only you could pull off wearing something like that"....we decided that all it comes down to is confidence.  When I first starting stepping outside of my box I mustered up a lot of fake confidence, but over time it's turned into the real thing.
So thank you blog, and blog readers for helping this shy, awkward girl grow up a little!! ha ha

And no, I don't think this outfit is anything out of the ordinary....all I'm saying is that the girl who was stuck in the box would have been too scared to wear she doesn't think that brown and black work together!  

PS.  Did you see my outfit featured on Forever 21's blog?  So excited!

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