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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cut Out

Dress- Self Made (I drafted my own pattern)
Shoes- Nine West

This past Friday I hosted a girls night Christmas party at my house.  Any excuse to dress up I'll take (or make)!

I've been in love with simple long sleeved mini-dresses and cut outs lately.  I figured that this party would be the perfect excuse to make a dress with all those details!

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas (or whatever it is you celebrate)!  We're off on our 13hr drive first thing this morning to go spend the holidays with our families.  It's great having my parents and Brodys parents only an hour apart so that we get to see almost everyone this year!

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PS.  Happy Blogiversary to me!!  With all the Christmas crazyness in life right now I almost forgot it's my blogs two year anniversary!  Thank you everyone who has made this such a fun adventure for the past 24months!

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