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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY Bold Shell Necklace

I've been loving all the bold metallic necklaces we've been seeing everywhere lately. 
I got digging around in my craft supplies and quickly realized that large shells could easily be painted and made into a funky bold necklace!

Materials and Supplies

- Shells (3 was the magic number for me!)
- Drill with small bit
- Metallic Spray Paint
- Chain
- Jump Rings
- Lobster Clasp
- Eye pins
- Pliers (pronged & regular work best)


1.  Use your drill to make two small holes on each shell on opposite sides of the "tip".  I did this by using a very small drill bit, and I drilled over a box so that I didn't end up puncturing my table.

2.  Spray paint both sides of your shell (be sure to let the first side dry before spraying the other).

3.  Push an eye pin through both holes at the top of the shell.

4.  Use your pliers (pronged work best) to create a loop on the straight side of the pin.

5.  Cut a piece of chain large enough to go around your neck plus a bit extra.  Use a jump ring to attach a lobster clasp to one end of the chain.

6.  Lay out your shells below the chain, and start attaching them by connecting a jump ring from the chain to the loops on each shells.  The reason that I made two holes for the shell was because if each shell was attached in two places instead of one they wouldn't end up spinning around on the chain.

All Done!!

The necklace pictured above was made with shells about half the size of the ones used for the necklace I'm wearing in the first picture.

And of course there's always the option of only using one shell.

How's that for a last minute Christmas present for a friend!?!

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