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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good Hair Days

I know this is a fashion blog...but every now and then it's good to talk about things that go hand in hand with of those things would be hair!
I know this might sound a little silly, but it's the honest truth...quite often I choose my outfits based on my "hair day".  On the days that my hair is looking a little rough I opt for a more casual outfit (or a hat..haha!)...when it's perfectly wavy I like to wear more romantic/less structured outfits, and on straight hair days I gravitate towards sleek or structured looks.  I guess I know that how my hair looks can effect the overall appearance of an outfit...because the truth is, if I have crazy hair people are way too distracted by it to notice a great outfit!  Which is why I was thrilled when the people from Misikko asked me to test out their best blow dryer (they also carry Chi Hair Straighteners)!

To be completely honest with you, before I received this blow dryer I only blow dried my hair about once every few months.  The reasons being 1. Drying my hair took way too long.  2.  Blow drying left my hair frizzy  3.  I'm lazy :)
My normal hair routine was to wash my hair at night, sleep on it, and assess it in the morning to determine if I could work with my natural waves, or needed to straighten/curl it for my hair to look good.  Most days required either straightening or curling, which of course takes time...and lazy girls don't like wasting time!

Now with the Hana Professional Hair Dryer I can blow dry my hair completely in under 7 minutes (which is insanely quick for how thick my hair is).  My hair is never frizzy afterwards, and minimal touch ups with my straightener is required.  I honestly love this thing!  It has multiple heat settings, which is great because I was even able to quickly blow dry my daughters hair without having to worry about burning her scalp :)

The only downfall would be the price...but then again if it can save you half an hour a day, maybe it's actually saving you money? 

So now you can expect to see a lot more good hair days on my blog!

Misikko provided me with the Hana Professional Hair Dryer in exchange for a review post.  I promise I gave you my honest opinion!

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