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Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Fashion: O My Heart

While I'm away enjoying my winter vacation with my family I asked some of my favorite Canadian Fashion Bloggers to share some tips and tricks for staying warm and stylish in the cold weather. I hope you enjoy the inspiration!

Hi all! My name is Kate and I run a blog called O My Heart! I'm popping over to visit today while Natasha is off enjoying her holidays! It was all too appropriate that Natasha asked me to do a post about staying both warm & stylish, as we've been hit with FRIGID temperatures this week and I wasn't even sure how I was going to get photos for this post - so this is a true cold weather photoshoot, so much so that I couldn't even show you the outfit underneath! But, this does showcase some of my absolute winter essentials!

The first one might not be obvious from first glance, but one of my biggest winter essentials is fleece lined tights. Yup, that's right. my tights are lined with fleece. I'm not huge on wearing pants, so was thrilled to find a way to stay warm & toasty while still sporting skirts and dresses all winter long!

Another winter essential for me is tall wedge boots. I find wedges are the best, as you still feel put together, but have the sturdiness of the wedge, and I also find it helps keep you up out the slush and snow a little more than a flat boot!

And lastly, a very warm winter coat that's still flattering and cute! This one is by Canadian designer Soia & Kyo - their coats are so warm and heavy, but still so fun with amazing little details!

 Thanks so much to Natasha for having me, and to all of you lovely folks for reading, and feel free to come visit me over at O My Heart! Stay warm, loves!

(Coat: Soia & Kyo, Bag & Boots: Aldo, Tights: Via Spiga, Sunglasses: Joe Fresh)

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