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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Fashion: Shoes Are My Muse

While I'm away enjoying my winter vacation with my family I asked some of my favorite Canadian Fashion Bloggers to share some tips and tricks for staying warm and stylish in the cold weather. I hope you enjoy the inspiration!

Hi, my name is Brianna and I'm happy to be guest posting for Natasha while she's off galavanting! Natasha has asked what other bloggers do for their daily outfit posts to keep things interesting through the long winter months, so here are a few ways I make the most of winter dressing!
Lots of layers are key to winter dressing for me, to keep things interesting I try unexpected combinations....

This girly cardigan mixes things up with the rest of this more boyish styled outfit

Hats always add extra oomph for me, and are great for the winter since approximately 30% of your body heat is lost through your head!
Sweaters with mohair are super warm! Of course tights of all different colors and prints are a winter must! I always shop at Winners for mine and rarely ever spend over $5 a pair and you should see my collection....
I love this maxi dress, so to keep wearing it through the winter I'll add a top underneath or a blazer and perhaps a scarf overtop to make this ready for winter. Of course I must confess to owning quite a few coats, I mean if I have to wear a coat for 6+ months I better have some variety!
I hope you've enjoyed this post and make sure to stop by my blog ShoesAreMyMuse

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