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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Fashion: Smitten

While I'm away enjoying my winter vacation with my family I asked some of my favorite Canadian Fashion Bloggers to share some tips and tricks for staying warm and stylish in the cold weather. I hope you enjoy the inspiration!


Hey, I'm Jenna from Smitten guest blogging here today while Natasha is on a holiday!
So I've lived in Edmonton my whole life and it sometimes gets ridiculously cold here in the winter. Some tricks and things I try to do to keep warm are:

Layers, one can never layer too much, a tshirt under my dress, with a sweater or cardigan over top. The best part of layers are you're warm outside and when you come in you can remove one!
Double up tights, I buy thick knit wool tights and when it reaches -25 I definitely wear two at a time
Good boots, I stole my moms, which are a size too big, so I wear a few pairs of really fuzzy thick socks in them and my feet are always nice and toasty. I refuse to wear uggs
Wearing my hair down, well I very rarely wear it up, except when working out. But wearing it down in the winter keeps my ears/neck warm
Cozy scarfs, scarfs with everything! Nothing cozier than a nice thick scarf
Thick knits, like the sweater I'm wearing here, it's nice and thick! Plus a thick sweater like this is such a nice insulating layer under my coat

This is a wintery look that I really like, it's very warm and cozy without compromising my style. I've had this striped dress for a year and it's still a favourite of mine. I recently got this long rust cardigan for 1/4th the price! It's so nice and warm and I love the colour.

Outfit: Dress-f21, Cardigan-Urban Outfitters, Ring&Scarf-Ardene, Tights-Payless, Belt-Thrift, Boots-Moms

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