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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fashions (Bad) Influence

Blazer- Self Made
Sheer Skirt- Self Made (Used this tutorial, but made it long)
Underskirt- Rickis
Boots- Dolce Vita

Lately I've been noticing how much fashion bloggers (or bloggers in general) influence their readers.  I know this isn't isn't anything new, but as more and more people go online to read blogs, less and less are reading the magazine that used to influence them. 
At first I was thinking that maybe fashion blogs are increasing shopping problems, but maybe it's just that they are replacing the magazines that fueled those problems.  Either way we are fueling the fire.
Of course I don't actually think I have that great of an influence over anyone who reads my blog, but I know that there are many bloggers that do have an incredible influence over their readers.
There are so many bloggers that mean well with their blogs, they try to show you how to stay fashionable on a budget by posting outfits full of thrifted, bargain, or home made clothes.  I like to think that I'm one of those girls....or at least I hope I am!  But then when I think about it, maybe I'm not.  It all depends on how my readers interpret my outfit posts. 

Yes, I make a lot of my clothes, I find a lot of bargains, there are no big brand names in my closet and occasionally I find some great items at the thrift store....but if someone wants to recreate one of my outfits or find similar pieces there's a good chance they're going to have to spend a bit more than I did.  Why?  Because so much of the clothes in my closet can't be found in a store.
I don't get to go shopping much, so I end up sewing many pieces.  A lot of the clothes I make are inspired by designer pieces, so if someone wants something similar to it they need to either make it them self, shell out the big bucks for the designer version, or wait a few months for the retailers to knock off the designers version.  I'm not saying this to make my clothes/closet sound way cooler than it is..haha...I'm just trying to make sense of fashion. 

What I mean by making sense of fashion is that it really frustrates me that people seem to think that they always need to be going out and buying the next big trend.  Of course it's not "the peoples" bloggers, fashion magazines, celebrities and designers are the ones shoving the next new thing down their throat. 
Don't get me wrong, I always love seeing what each new season has in store fashion wise.  I love seeing the new shapes, colors, patterns, and pairings.  I get so excited to create outfits that feature "the new", but it makes me sad to think of the items that I was so excited to purchase or make only a season ago that are now sitting at the back of my closet completely forgotten about.
It makes me sad that we are such a consumer driven society, but then at the same time my dream of working in the fashion world could only exist through that.  Talk about a juxtaposition!!

To sum all this up, I hope that us fashion lovers can realize that it is OK for us not to have it all.  I know, it's a tough pill to swallow :)  There are so many new styles introduced every month, why don't we just choose the ones that suit us best, and leave the rest for someone else.  Also we really should quit wishing we had "that girls" closet, and instead celebrate the gems in our own.  And if you still find yourself wanting the newest and the best, why don't you try DIYing it instead!

I know this doesn't happen often, but apparently today I had a lot to say!!

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