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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Dress- H&M
Blouse- Joe fresh
Belt- Zara
Boots- Winners

OK, I have to admit it is a bit funny that yesterday I said that you can expect to see many more good hair days on my blog, and then I post these pictures! haha
My excuse? I had just got back from swimming with my daughter.  My hair was perfect to begin with, I was very careful about not getting it wet, then Vyla discovered the slide and insisted we went on it.  That was the end of my good hair day.  On the bright side I had a blast sliding into the water!

I've been wanting to try layering a blouse under this dress for awhile, so when I found this top on super sale last week I knew it would be perfect!  The only downfall is the awkward bulk around the waist that I tried to belt in.

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