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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY No Sew Peplum

Peplums are everywhere right now, and I'm not complaining one bit!  I started thinking about different ways I could add a peplum to an article of clothing as a DIY, but a few other bloggers have done similar DIYs....instead I chose to make a peplum that is not attached to anything.  I also took into consideration that a lot of my blog readers don't sew and made this project a no sew DIY!

That's right!  No sewing, just a lot of hot glue gunning!

Materials and Supplies
- Faux Leather Fabric (or any fabric that doesn't fray and is thick enough that hot glue won't show through)
-Paper and Pencil
-Tailors chalk
-Measuring tape
-Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
-Iron (optional)

1.  Measure your waist and add an inch.  Draw and cut out a half circle that's outer edge is half of that measurement.  Example: For a 29" waist the outer edge would measure 15".

2.  Fold your fabric in half and position the half circle in the middle of the fabric along the folded edge.

3.  Decide what shape and length you would like your peplum to be.  I knew I wanted mine to be slightly longer at the sides,  and for them to hit at my hip line.  From the front and back edge of the waist circle I measured out 5-1/2" for both the front and the back.  I marked this with tailors chalk.  From the bottom edge of the waist circle I measured down 8-1/2" for the side length, and marked it with tailors chalk.

4.  Draw a smooth curved line between all the markings.  Cut out this line and around the waist circle paper pattern.  Cut along the fold line on ONLY the back of the peplum.

5.  Unfold your peplum and turn it over so you can draw on the wrong side of the fabric.  Use a ruler to draw a parallel line 3/8" in from the waist opening.

6.  Use your scissors to make small clips along the waist line of the fabric making sure not to cut past the line you've just drawn.  This is to help the fabric lie flat (not bunched up) onto the waist band.

7.  Measure along the line you had drawn, and cut out a strip of fabric for the waist band that length, and 1-5/8" wide.  Draw a chalk line all the way across the middle of the waist band on the wrong side of the fabric.

8.  Use your hot glue gun to attach the waist band strip to the peplum waist starting on the wrong side of the fabric by applying glue to the peplum above the chalk line.  Press the waist band down well as you glue.

This is how it should look from the front when you're finished step 8.

9.  Flip over the peplum and apply hot glue to the waist band above the line as shown.

10.  Fold along the line, and press down well. 

Continue until the whole waist band has been glued down.

11.  Apply snaps onto the back waist band of the peplum by following the instructions on the package.

All done!!

If the hot glue in the waist band feels a bit lumpy you can use an iron to smooth it out.  Sandwich the waist band between two scraps of fabric, and run the iron on medium heat along the waist band, pressing down well as you go.

Of course for anyone who does sew, it would be easy enough to sew this instead.

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