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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sequin Heart Sweater DIY

The J.Crew Heart Me sweater (sold out, of course) that has been seen all over blogland has inspired me to do some DIYing.  I thought sequins would help take the sweater to the next level!  The great thing about this DIY project is that NO sewing is involved....and it honestly took me under 20minutes!
Materials and Supplies
-Approximately 2.5yards of wide Sequin Stretch Trim
-Hot glue gun and glue


1.  Lay out your trim in a heart shape on top of the front of your sweater.

2.  Use your hot glue gun to attach the sequin trim to your sweater by only gluing down the outside edge.  Be sure to keep the glue under the trim, but only along the outer edge (this is so that you can conceal the raw edges of the sequin pieces that fill the inside of the heart under the outer edge).  When you get to the bottom point  of the heart cut a slit through the trim from the inside edge, ending just before the outer edge.  Overlap the edges of the trim, and glue down.  Glue the trim all the way around the heart shape, and continue straight through over to the other side as shown in the second picture.  Cut the trim when you reach the edge, and glue the end of the trim piece under the sequin heart boarder.

3.  Cut strips of sequins to fit above and below the sequin line that's inside the heart (you can do this as you go).  Hot glue each piece down side by side, making sure to glue the end of each piece under the original sequin heart outline.  I worked from the line up, and then from the line down.

4.  When you have all the whole heart filled in, glue gun down the inside edge of the original heart outline.

All done!  Just in time for Valentines Day.

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