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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Counting Days

Jacket- Thrifted
Sweater, Dress & Boots- Winners
 I think I start to struggle with fashion around the same time every year.  The time when I see everyone starting to pull out their cropped pants, and sandals....and I'm still stuck wearing boots.
 I was starting to have a major case of "I don't want to get out of my yoga pants untill the snow melts", meaning that I wasn't getting dressed until the late afternoon when I was finally forced to go to town for groceries.
The good news is that the snow is starting to melt celebrate I immediately made up a very long list of spring/summer outfits I'd like to wear.  I can't wait!!  (I guess it also helps that I leave for Arizona in a few days!!)

PS.  Bloglovin' followers can you please do me a favor.  I know a lot of you are still following me under my old blog name "Required2BeInspired", I was wondering if you could start following Tasha Delrae instead.  Of course this doesn't make any difference for you, but it will make it a lot easier for me to keep track of things.

PPS.  Also those of you (super awesome people!!) who have me on your blogroll/daily reads list posted on your blog, could you do me a favor (if you haven't already) and please change my blog name from "Required2BeInspired" to "Tasha Delrae". 

Thanks for reading!!

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