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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Get In My Bag

In less than a month Vyla and I are ditching the cold weather (and Hubby/Daddy) and heading to Arizona.  Here in Canada the warm weather never comes until around May (and often later), so this trip will be my head start to summer.  
I've started seeing all the fun spring/summer colors, prints, and styles in magazines and online, and I'm getting quite impatient for the end of winter.  If I wasn't going away I would have to wait at least a month longer to test out some of the styles that I can hardly wait to wear.

I would call this my "I wish I were packing list" I will use be using it as my inspiration board for the trip.  I want to sew a few items for Arizona by taking cues from these pieces.  You can expect to see a lot of peplums, bows, prints and bright colors spewing out from my sewing machine in the next few weeks!!

Here's a breakdown of the pieces!

Who isn't obsessed with bows and peplums right now?
Fuchsia Blouse, Mint Blouse, Peplum Blouse

I'm all about bright colors!  I'll need a few flats, because we do a lot of walking (also known as shopping).
Blue Sandals, Green Flats, Printed Wedges

I like having a mixture of styles...a maxi to throw over my swimsuit...a pencil skirt for dinner...a fun mini for everything else :)
Watercolor Pencil Skirt, Pleated Orange Mullet SkirtFuchsia Maxi Skirt

Bring on the prints and fun colors! 
Floral Pants, Peach Shorts, Floral Shorts

I like to wear styles that I don't have to worry about tan lines in.  I also like to have a bit of support because we all know I'll be spending a lot of time chasing Vyla around.
Yellow Bikini, Coral Bikini, Cream Bikini

I love the retro feel of these sunglasses...and this beach bag is perfectly simple and fun at the same time!
Sunglasses, Beach Bag

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