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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Liquid Leaf Shoe Revamp

The lovely people over at Plaid sent me over a few craft products for me to get creative with...and that's exactly what I did! 
A few months ago I had thrifted a pair of shoes for a few dollars and decided they could use a revamp...I will admit that the "after" is a little crazy, but I think they'll be quite cute with cuffed jeans this summer.
Materials and Supplies:
-Scrap Fabric
-Paint Brushes
-Tracing Paper & Pencil
-Clear Varnish

1. The first thing I did was clean my shoes well, then I removed the decorative bar thing from the top of the shoe.
2. Take you tracing paper and lay it over your shoe, trace a pattern piece for your fabric.  I made mine two pieces one for each side).
3. Use your pattern to cut out your fabric pieces to cover the shoe.
 4.  Paint Mod Podge on your shoe working on one side at a time, place your fabric onto the shoe and press into place.  Continue gluing and pressing down the fabric until the first half of your shoe is covered.
5.  Use your scissors to trim away any excess fabric from the top or bottom of the shoe.
 6.  Repeat for the opposite side, and then for the other shoe.
7.  Paint a smooth layer of Mod Podge over the fabric to seal it well.
 8.  Shake your Liquid Foil well, and then paint it on the contrast pieces.  I painted the heel and top edges as well.
9.  Allow the paint to dry and then seal it with a clear varnish.

All Done!

I have a few more ideas to test the Liquid Leaf paint out on...I love how smooth is is to paint with, it's so much easier than applying Gold Leaf! 

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