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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Neon Bracelet DIY

With neon being such a hot trend right now I knew I had to find some old school neon lacing to make some bracelets with.  Next on my list is following these instructions to make this style too.
Materials and Supplies:
- 2 Pieces of chain both the same length
-Two (or one) colours of plastic lacing
-Metal Closures
-Jump Rings
-Jewelry Glue
This project is quite similar to (and was inspired by) this bracelet by Jenni @ I Spy DIY...the only reason I wouldn't tell you to strickly follow her instructions is because it's VERY important that you glue your knot, and my bracelet is woven by crossing over each lace in an x form.
Attach both chains and closure with a jump ring.
Cut a plastic lacing 4x as long as chain in each colour.  Fold it in half and loop it onto the jump ring. 
Weave the chains together by crossing the lacing back and forth through the chain, alternate which colour goes on top all the way down the bracelet.
Finish off by tying the lace into a knot, and then gluing it (the lace doesn't hold a knot well without glue).  When the glue is dried use a jump ring to attach the other side of the closure.
I also made a super quick braided bracelet using the plastic lacing and smaller chain.

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