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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Survey Results: Blog Sponsorships and $$$

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey on Sponsorships and $$$. I’ve gathered all the information, so here is what I’ve learned!
All the quotes in this post are from bloggers who filled out the anonymous survey.

1. Us bloggers have no idea what we’re worth:

When I compared the $ amounts that bloggers with similar daily unique page views charged for sponsorships, the numbers were all over the place. After I compiled all the numbers and averaged everything out this is what the pricing chart ended up looking like:

Daily Page Views    Monthly Charge for a Sidebar Ad    Charge for a Sponsored Post
300                                               $20                                      $40

500                                               $30                                      $50

700                                               $40                                      $60

1000                                             $50                                      $75

Of course this chart doesn’t set anything in stone, but it might give you a better idea if you’re asking too little or expecting too much. One blogger with 300 daily unique visits has a sponsor who pays $130 a for 3month term on a sidebar ad, and that same blogger asks between $50-$60 for sponsored posts, and on the opposite end of the spectrum a blogger with 700 daily unique visits only charges $25 a month for a sidebar ad, so it goes to show that you should ask for whatever you are comfortable with.  Also keep in mind that many bloggers offer discounts for a 3 month term, and lower rates for businesses like Etsy shops.

2. We like freebies over $$$:

Many bloggers said they would prefer to do a product review/receive a free product in exchange for a post instead of receiving cash. There was no way to measure the value of gifted products based on daily page views, values ranged from $25-$500.

3. We’re open to all types of advertisements, but prefer to support small businesses:

The percentages below show what type of advertisements the bloggers surveyed use on their blogs. Meaning that 60% of the bloggers surveyed post ads by Smaller companies that pay in gift exchange.

20% Larger Company Sponsors that pay $ for specific amount of time

40% Smaller Companies (Etsy, Private Shops) that pay $ for specific amount of time

50% Larger Companies that pay in gift exchange for specific amount of time

60% Smaller or Private Companies that pay in gift exchange for specific amount of time

10% Affiliate $ for clicks

40% Affiliate $ for sales

20% Other

4. We love to host giveaways and review products:

The percentages show the amount of surveyed bloggers who have included each type of sponsored post on their blog.

80% Product Review (Product provided for you in exchange for the post review)

60% Product "Placement" (Product provided for you in exchange for mention of it in the post, but not a review)

80% Sponsored Giveaway (Giveaway prize provided for the giveaway winner)

50% Keyword and Links (Usually paid $ to plug a few links into a post)

5. Don’t be shy about contacting a company you’re interested in working with:

Over 60% of the bloggers surveyed said that they had emailed a company to inquire about working together on a sponsorship, product review or hosting a giveaway. One blogger said:

“I email companies all the time! Over half of the sponsors I’ve had are because I sent them an email! I generally just write introducing myself, and say I would love to work with them for this reason and that reason, and ask if they’d have any interest in collaborating with my blog. I would definitely recommend bloggers do this!”
Some bloggers that had tried this had been turned down, but everyone said that there was never any negative responses to the inquiry, and of course many inquiries resulted in positive collaborations!
Some more random tid bits :)

"I turned a company down because they were a very expensive online boutique that did not fit my style or my readership, but when they came back and asked if I would be willing to put my own creative spin just for the links back , I asked if I would make a basic 'Yeah right, I wish' list from their website and also include photos and links to more affordable items from stores my readers and I would actually shop.  They said that was fine as long as their links made it in there."

"It seems like recently the style blogs I follow have all been inundated with the same exact products.  It's actually kind of a turn off for me because I didn't start reading all those blogs to just be advertised to by the same companies over and over.  And once those companies started to contact me, I didn't want to work with them because it felt over done.  I'd rather reach out and form relationships with different companies than everyone else if I can."

"Don't be afraid to email companies or etsy shop owners.  Don't go after the big guns when you're not a big gun.  Know your stats and give them in an introduction.  Make sure that if you are contacted by a potential sponsor, that you agree to their terms, and they agree to yours, and that the sponsorship (or post) will fit your readership.  Nothing looks worse than advertising/getting paid for a company that's totally not in sync with what you're about."

"I usually charge $50 for sponsored posts, but my stats had increased since I had wrote my last one, so when a company inquired about what I charge for a sponsored post I asked for $60, and they accepted.  Another time I was offered $40 for a post and I kindly explained that I didn't feel comfortable filling up my blog with sponsored posts for a $ amount that I wasn't comfortable with, so the lady emailed me back and offered me $80 gift card instead and I accepted."
I hope the imformation from this survey will help some bloggers out!

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