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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY Kaleidoscope Printed Skirt

Do you remember the fabulous art projects you made as a child by putting blobs of paint onto paper and then folding it in half to create a symmetrical masterpiece?  This would be the grown up version of that art project!
This is a fast and fun project, with absolutely no skills required...I'm pretty sure my two and a half year old daughter could even make this!  (She did help me out.) 
 Materials and Supplies:
- Plain Pencil Skirt (White, White, Assorted Colors)
- Fabric Paint (Or Acrylic Paint and Fabric Medium)
- Brushes
-  Scissors
- Permanent Marker
-  Clear Plastic (I Found a Clear Plastic Table Cloth at the Dollar Store)
- Cardboard
- Masking/Painters Tape (Optional)
1.  Lay your skirt out flat onto a piece of cardboard, and trace around it. 
2.  Place your cardboard skirt cut out onto a piece of plastic larger than the skirt.  Trace around it with a permanent marker.  Draw a line down the center of the plastic that represents the middle of the skirt.
3.  If you are using acrylic paint, mix each color in a small dish with the fabric medium.

4.  Start "blobbing" paint onto one side of the plastic.
5.  Fold the plastic in half along the center line, and press down on the paint, using your fingers to slightly blend the paint.  Unfold the plastic.
6.  Continue adding more colors, and folding until you achieve a design you are happy with.  Remember if you don't like what you see you can always wash off the paint and start over.
7.  Insert the cardboard skirt cutout into the middle of the skirt.  This will prevent any paint from bleeding between the front and back of the skirt.

 8.  Hold the skirt above the paint design, and line up the skirt so that it lines up perfectly over the plastic.  Very slowly and carefully lower the skirt onto the paint.

9.  Wrap the plastic around the skirt and tape it to the back of the skirt as shown below.
10.  Flip over the skirt.  Use your hands and fingers to press the paint design down onto the skirt.  The better you press/smooth down the plastic, the better the paint will stick to the fabric. 
11.  Remove the tape from the back of the skirt, and carefully peel off the plastic.

12.  There likely will be some spots that don't transfer as well as others, if that's the case take a paint brush to fill in any spots.  I did some touch ups, but I left some spaces because I figured it made the print seem a bit more digital looking.
13.  Allow the paint to dry, and the repeat the process for the back.  I used the same plastic for the back, that way I was able to keep the design similar by copying the colors and pattern.
14.  Follow your the instructions on your paint for heat setting your design.

All Done!!
(A close up of the print)

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Sarah @ HuntGatherFashion said...

Super great idea, I am totally gonna try it out!