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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Neon-Nude Shoe DIY

 Awhile ago I had thrifted a pair of shoes in a style that I loved, but I wasn't crazy about the red and white, straight from the 80's look.  After seeing nude shoes with neon cap toes, I knew what kind of make over I was going to give my shoes.
How I did it:
 I took some acrylic paints and mixed myself the perfect nude colour (white, brown and a little yellow), and then applied a gazillion layers of paint onto the white part of the shoe.  To speed up the process I blow dried the paint between layers. 
 Then I painted a few layers of neon orange acrylic paint to the toe cap and heel of the shoe.  Next I took some neon orange nail polish and painted a couple layers over the dried toe cap and heel because the acrylic paint wasn't covering well, but I was glad I had used it as a base coat.  Finally, when everything was dry, I sprayed the shoes with an clear acrylic sealer. 
All Done!

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