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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not a Problem

Lace Top- Papaya
Orange Shirt- Self Made
Necklace- Forever21
Shorts- Winners
Shoes- Nine West via Macy's

I left on vacation with 3 pairs of shoes in my suitcase...I returned with 9.
These fuchsia beauties were some of my fabulous finds.  They were in the clearance section at Macy's for $25...I'd be crazy to walk away from that price!
Shopping can get a little depressing when you're knocked in order to keep myself from sinking into a depression at the mall I made sure to hit up all the shoe stores!  My method was obviously a success :)
And for the record all the shoes that I bought were on major one of the pairs I had won for free!  6 pairs of shoes for less that $200 is a pretty good deal if you ask me.  Of course my Hubby (and pretty much my whole family) still think I have a shoe problem...I don't think I ever heard of such a thing.

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