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Monday, July 16, 2012

What We Do Best

A trip to visit Brianna in Calgary always includes at least one full day of shopping.  
Cross Iron Mills Mall always has fantastic things waiting for us to find...and somehow we always manage to "score big" in the shoe department :)
One might think that we had consulted each other on what to wear that morning, but the truth is that great minds just happen to think alike.
When Rob (Bri's man) saw us later that day he sighed, shook his head and laughed "oh, you two!"...haha
The truth is these were the only pair of shorts I had packed (aside from the denim pair I've misplaced)...and Brianna's excuse for not wanting to change was that they were her only clean comfortable pair.  It's a good thing that I hadn't packed the same top as the one Bri has on (yes I have the same one too...we figure that if we live a province apart we are allowed to have the same clothes..haha)!
Blouse- Winners
Shorts- BCBG
Necklace- Self Made

As sad as it is that we live so far apart, it's probably also a good thing...our Men don't exactly appreciate the damage we can do in one afternoon spent at the mall.

To all the people who say it's better to shop solo....You're SO wrong!

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