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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Tough Princess

I've always considered my blog to be a Personal Style Blog...but it's not often that I get too personal on here.
Last week Vyla ended up getting very sick and we had to drive 3hrs to a hospital with a Pediatric Unit in it because the doctors in town didn't know what she had.  They had originally diagnosed her with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (on tues July 24), but when I had my husband take my phone to the clinic to show the doctor some pictures of how much worse her condition had become (on weds) the doctor immediately sent us out of town.
I'm not going to go into too many details about everything because that would take me all day...but it was quite terrifying seeing Vyla in so much pain.  She had blisters all over her body and her skin was peeling off any where we touched her.
In the end she was diagnosed with Scalded Skin Syndrome, which is a quite rare staph infection.  As un-fun as hospitals are, we were so relieved to know that she was being taken care of, and that she should fully recover.
She was such a tough little girl...even when the nurses and doctors had to do things to her that caused her pain (which was anything that required her to move even a little bit) she would say "Thank You" in the cutest, saddest voice ever when they were done...those were the times I wanted to cry the most.  She was such a good little trooper!
Vyla was discharged from the hospital yesterday before lunch, and aside from her flaky skin, she's 100% back to normal!
(This picture was taken the day before she got out)

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