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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to Disguise a Less Than Flat Stomach

For the first four months of my pregnancy I got pretty good at disguising my less than flat stomach.  
I thought I would share these tricks with you just in case you ever find yourself in my situation....or are just having a "bad stomach" day.

1. Layer a Cropped Top over a Longer Top:
This goes against everything I ever learned about dressing your body, *The oh so important rule of NEVER cutting your body across the part you are trying to disguise because it will draw your eye across that area and make it look even larger* but I found that the longer top underneath actually drew the eyes down away from my mid section and the texture on my cropped top drew the eye up and away from my mid section.  My suggestion would be to find a cropped top with some type of embellishment and wear it over a top of a different colour or shade.  This method would also work well over a dress.

2. Try Wearing a Loose Pleated (or Draped) Blouse:
I have a tendency to belt everything that's loose in the waist.  I pretty much had to force myself to go in order to balance out the loose top I would wear something more form fitting (or short) on the bottom.  The great thing about pleated (or draped) tops is that it's supposed to look fuller in the waist, so no one will every know (or care) what's hiding underneath!

3. Half Tuck (or Tie) a Slouchy Blouse:
I love slouchy blouses!  Although leaving a loose blouse untucked will work just as well at disguising a not so flat stomach, I really like how that tucking or loosely tying the front makes an outfit look a bit more effortlessly chic.

Floral Tie Front BlousePurple BlouseRoyal Blue Blouse

4. Wear a Distracting Print:
When you wear a distracting print a persons eyes end up without a focal point because the print is too busy to focus on one spot.  This is perfect for hiding your midsection because then you know no ones eyes are going to be focusing on anything covered by the print.
I really love the first top show below for this method because the dark center completely hides the midsection, and the print above and below completely takes the focus away from that area.

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