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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Girl Blazer Options

When I saw this image on pinterest I knew instantly that I wanted a cute blazer for Vyla.  The only problem is that no one makes girls blazers to fit an almost 3year old.  Because of that I'm going to take matters into my own hands, and will put my education to good use (Diploma in Fashion Production) by drafting (and then sewing) a pattern for a toddler sized blazer.  My only problem is that I can't decide which style I'd like to make!
Some styles that I think would be adorable on Vyla;

Initially I was going to make one quite similar to the top left blazer because I have some cream suiting and I'm in love with the contrast lapels (so much that I bought this blazer last week).  Now I'm thinking maybe I should make something in a darker color, and probably keep the style quite simple/classic...but then again I love the idea of fun shaped lapels or a shiny satin fabric.  Of course I need to keep in mind that this blazer is for Vyla and she's an adorable little girl, not a grown woman!

What style do you think I should make?  What about fabric colour/texture?

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