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Friday, September 7, 2012

They Strike Again

Lace Top- Forever 21
Belt- Ardenes
Jeggings- Calvin Klein via Costco
Shoes- Nine West via The Bay

The jeggings strike again!  I hated the thought of jeggings...but there are two ways to look at these pants #1 as jeans that are as stretchy and comfortable as leggings or #2 as leggings that look a lot like jeans.  I'd say they're more like #1 though because they're not made of a knit fabric, they have real back pockets and a real fly/button basically they're extra stretchy jeans!  I thought I better clear up the confusion for all my friends who are wondering why I'm walking around in "leggings" that are being worn with tops that do NOT cover my behind (a major no-no in my fashion rules..haha).

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