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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Glass Stone and Bead Bib Necklace DIY

I've had these large glass stones sitting in my craft room for a few years now because I didn't know how I could turn them into a necklace without being able to drill holes into them.  Thank goodness I came across some super strong glue (rubber cement) that I had "stolen" from my brothers car model making supplies that was strong enough to hold these heavy "rocks" into place!
I think the trick to making this necklace all lies in finding the right glue.  I wish I could help you with that part, but unfortunately I used up all the rubber cement on this project and without thinking threw out the tube without writing down the name for future reference.
Materials and Supplies
- Piece of Vinyl or Leather Fabric
- Flat Glass Stones
- Strong Glue (I used rubber cement used for putting together toy models)  Choose a glue that has a fast drying time, or that is thick enough to hold things in place quickly.
- 2 Colours of Beads
- Thin Wire or Thread and a Needle
-Ribbon (2 long pieces, folded in half for each side)
- Pen or Pencil
- Scissors
- Leather Punch (Optional)


1.  Place your rocks onto your fabric in a design that you like.  Try to make it so that there is a nice rounded shape at the top for your neck.
2.  Glue the rocks into place.  It's really important that you use super strong glue so that the heavy stones won't fall off!
3.  Use your pen to outline where you will cut around the rocks, I left a 1cm (3/8") edge.
4.  Cut along the outline.
 5.  String your beads onto the thin wire or thread.  Make sure that you make each string of beads long enough to fully outline the necklace.
 6.  Start gluing the inner beads onto the necklace first.  I left a really narrow edge for the last row of beads because I wanted the beads to fully cover the raw edge.
  I applied a few inches of glue, and then placed on my beads...back and forth until I went all the way around the necklace.
 7.  Repeat with the outer string of beads.
 8.  Cut a small hole for your ribbon on both sides of the necklace at the top.  I used a leather punch to do this.
 9.  Fold one piece of ribbon in half, and loop it around the hole as shown.
10.  Repeat for the other side.

All Done!!

Make sure you wait for the glue to fully dry before you wear your new necklace!

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