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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fabric, Feather and Bead Necklace DIY

I made this necklace at the same time I made my Glass Stone and Bead necklace...and after much procrastination I'm finally getting around to posting the instructions.
The base of this necklace was made from some scrap upholstery fabric, and I absolutely love how easy it was to make!
 Materials and Supplies
-Scrap Fabric
-Scrap Vinyl (or any thick fabric)
-Mod Podge
-Paint Brush
-Thin wire or Thread and Needle
-Strong Glue (I used this)
-Lobster Clasp
-Jump Rings

1.  Cut out your scrap fabric into a shape that will fit well around your neck.
 2.  Cut scrap vinyl so that it will perfectly cover the back of the fabric shape you just cut.
3.  Lay out your feathers under the fabric.  Use the heavy glue to glue the feathers to the back of the fabric.
 4.  After the glue has dried on the feathers, paint Mod Podge all over the back of the vinyl piece.
5.  Press the vinyl backing over top of the back of the fabric, encasing the feathers.
 6.  Make a small hole through the side top edge of the necklace.  Do this on both sides.
7.  Attach a piece of chain to the necklace by putting a jump ring through the hole.  Do this on both sides.
8.  Use a jump ring to attach a lobster clasp to one side of the chain.  If your chain doesn't have large enough loops you will want to add a few jump rings to the opposite side of chain so for the lobster clasp to close onto.
 9.  String two colours of beads onto thin wire so that you have enough to go around your design.
10.  Glue (strong glue) the first colour of beads around your design, leaving a bit of edge for the next colour.
Do this by working in small sections at a time.
11.  Glue the second colour of beads around the edge of the necklaces.
All Done!

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