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Friday, November 2, 2012

Gathered Fabric Overlay T-Shirt DIY

After finding this picture and this picture on Pinterest I was inspired to make an easy t-shirt DIY version of that is the project that resulted from that inspiration!
For this project I used a shiny organza overlay which gave the gathers a stiffer look...if you wanted something a bit more romantic looking I would recommend using a chiffon fabric for the overlay.
I wish I could show how this DIY top looks on a real body as opposed to a dress form...but with the stiffer organza it's not the most flattering with my 7month preggo belly (I think chiffon would be perfect for that).
Materials and Supplies
-Tailors Chalk
-Fabric for overlay
-Sewing Machine
-Thread to Match

1.  Use your tailors chalk to draw a sweetheart neckline on your t-shirt.  Either do this on a dress form, or look in the mirror and draw it on while wearing the shirt.
2.  Draw a line straight across the back lining up with the front neckline under the arm pits.
 3.  Sew together a tube of fabric that is at least 2 times bigger than your shirt front and back widths, and that is slightly longer than the top of your sweetheart neckline to the bottom of the t-shirt.
 4.  Gather the top of the tube using an extra long stitch on your sewing machine.  Sew the stitches about 1 cm in from the edge.
5.  Pin your tube to the outside of your shirt lining it up along your sweetheart necklines.  Make sure to evenly distribute the gathers around the top.
6.  Sew the overlay onto your t-shirt by stitching right over the gathering stitches.
All Done!

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