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Monday, November 26, 2012

I Love This Stuff

I've been wanting to talk about my most favorite beauty products for awhile now...and since I don't have any outfit posts to share due to the super cold weather, now seems like the perfect time.
A few months ago I purchased the Goldfaden Anti-Aging starter kit, mostly because I already had their daily scrub and love love love it.
Everyday I use the scrub, face-wash, serum and lotion that was included in my kit...and ever since my skin has felt perfectly tight and smooth.
I really wanted to recommend this starter kit to everyone....but of course Goldfaden just introduced a new line of products, and the ones I've been using are no longer available.  The new line does include a facial scrub that sounds the same as the one I'm in love with, so I'd definitely recommend trying it.  I've never found a scrub that feels this good on my face!  I will admit the scrub is a bit pricey...but it lasts forever because you  use such a little amount each time.
And just so you know this post is not at all sponsored!

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