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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Casual, Cute and Comfy

Casual Cute outfits

The other day I was browsing on Hautelook and I came across a pair of sweatpants that I loved and really want for "real life"...not just lounging at home life.  I don't do casual very well, but when I see it done right in other peoples outfits I really admire the look.  In the last few months I've found myself dreaming about slouchy t's, wedge (or fun high-top) sneakers, and now (as of a few days ago), sweatpants!
I don't think you will ever find me wearing an outfit that includes all three elements, but I really like the idea of mixing dressy (or more feminine) and casual pieces together, much like the outfits pictured above!

Casual, Cute and Comfy

**Hint Hint, I wouldn't be disappointed to find any of these pieces under the Christmas tree this year! hehe

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