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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Funny Kids

Vest- Self Made
Sweater- Kohls
Skirt- Walmart
Boots- Aldo

My Hubby pointed out that I'm sure enjoying wearing mini-skirts this pregnancy...he's right...and that would be because all of mine are super stretchy & comfy...and if I can't have a small waist at least let me have long legs!
And while I'm on the topic of my not so small waist...I got a good laugh from a 4 year old yesterday.  I was at the Doctors office waiting for my appointment & Vyla was playing with a little boy in the toy area.  They started playing house so the little boy said to Vyla, "You're the Mommy"...and Vyla said, "And you're the Daddy"...the little boy said, "And where did our baby go?" (there was a little baby in the waiting room earlier).  So I said "It's in my tummy!!"...and everyone in the waiting room had a little laugh.  Then the little boy said, "When people have babies in their tummy they're really fat!...people with babies have really fat belly's!"...and then we all pretty much killed ourselves laughing.
I'm not sure which "fat" story is better...this one...or the one a few weeks ago where the young daughter (7 or 8) of some of our friends asked her parents (about me) how it's possible for someone to be so fat and so skinny at the same time!
Kids are too funny!

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