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Friday, December 7, 2012

Time Goes Slowly

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Green Sweater- Rickis
Skirt- Walmart
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There was much excitement when we found out I was finally pregnant with baby #2 after (the most frustrating) year and a half of trying,  and ever since that day the time has been going by so slowly!  I have less than 3 weeks left now...but it seems like I've been waiting forever....
I know I don't usually talk much on my blog...but I think today I will share a little more....
Today I have a Doctors appointment in the City 1hr from where I live with the Doctor who will deliver this baby...and who I will be meeting for the first time tomorrow.  The reason is because the hospital in our small town doesn't deliver babies.  This has got to be the most inconvenient thing ever!  Who wants to (have their Husband) drive an hr (more on bad roads) while their in labor in the middle of winter?  And by winter I mean -20 degree (Celcius) weather with snow covered roads!
This will be a big change from when I had Vyla.  It seems like there are so many extra things we have to think about this time.  With Vyla all we had to arrange was having Brody parents come to our house to pick up our dog.  There was no worry about getting to the hospital on time (we lived 2 blocks away) didn't really matter if I had my bags ready because Brody could just run home for a few minutes...and the Doctor delivering Vyla was the same one I had seen for the whole 9 months.  
This time around we not only have to make sure we have someone to watch the dog...but way more importantly Vyla...Brodys parents aren't a phone call away anymore...luckily he has a few Aunts and Uncles that are.  I not only have to make sure that I have a bag ready for myself...but Vyla's needs one packed incase the baby comes before my parents come up for Christmas. My biggest concern is having a ride to the hospital.  Of course Brody will be taking me...but he works for BC Hydro, and they cover a largish area, that means there's a good chance that he's not working right in town most days (and there's lots of areas around with poor cell phone coverage).  Thank goodness we have some family here, and I have some great friends I know I could call if I need to...basically we have a lot of back up plans!
I know everything will work out...and I'm not really one to worry about things that I can't it's not like I'm the first person in Chetwynd who's gone through this.  But I'm really looking forward to looking back at this experience, instead of sitting here wondering how and when it's all going to play out...yes I'm ready to meet this baby!!!

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