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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An Outfit Post Brought to you by BedHead

Suede Jacket- Via Beyond The Rack
T-shirt- Joe Fresh
Jeans- Winners
Boots- Call it Spring

I always find it a bit funny the different things that affect our daily outfit choices...right now I need outfits that are easy to "pop a boob" in (TMI?) most dresses are out, and easy slinky t-shirts are in.  I also can't tote two kids around while wearing crazy these are my "practical" heels (well, they do have super thick grip so I won't slip in the snow...and the heel is under 3"...hardly..but totally practical by my standards).  But I think the thing that influenced this outfit the most was the fact that I didn't have time to do my my bedhead natural waves called for something a bit more laid back.

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