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Monday, February 11, 2013

Beaded Fringe Skirt DIY

 Easy DIY Skirt
I absolutely love making a cute project that takes under an hour....this beaded fringe skirt was the perfect project!

Materials and Supplies
-Knit Skirt 
-Knit Fabric, Matching Thread, Elastic, sewing machine, pins
-Tailors Chalk
-Beads with large opening

1.   If you are sewing your own skirt follow the instructions for my Twist Front Skirt, but cut the skirt a few inches longer and skip steps 2-5.
If you are using an existing skirt cut off any extra length you don't want (leaving enough length for the fringe (about 3").  If the skirt is already the perfect length just cut off the hem.
 2.  Draw a line around the bottom of the skirt about 3" up.
 3.  Use your scissors to slice strips up to the line you drew, making each one 1/2 an inch wide.  I didn't measure them because they don't need to be perfect.
4.  Feed two beads onto each strip.  Knot the bottom, and pull one bead up to the top and one to the bottom.
If your beads don't want to stay up you can use a little bit of fabric glue (or hot glue) to help hold them into place.
How to make a beaded Fringe Skirt
All Done!

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