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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thrifted Leather Pants: From Frump to High Fashion!

Three months ago I hit up the thift store while visiting "the city"...and it just happened to be 50% off day!!
I ended up with two knee length leather jackets (one off white, the other red), a pair of leather pants that were 3-4 sizes too big, and an oversized sweater for a total of $35.  I fully intended to take apart the leather pants to make something else completely.
I totally forgot I had the pants until Brianna and I were discussing my desire to make some sweat pant style leather pants (these are my absolute favorite!)...which led to us discussing her desire to make some boyfriend style leather pants...which led to me realizing that I had a pair of too large leather pants that I had yet to try on (I was 8 months preggo when I bought them).
It turned out that I had actually read the tag wrong...they ended up being only a couple sizes too big.  Which is actually quite perfect if you want a pair of boyfriend style leather pants!
As you can see in the pictures below the pants are a little bit dated, but as soon as I untucked my shirt and cuffed the pants they became perfectly on  trend!
How to wear leather pants
 The best part of this whole story is that these leather pants only cost me $5!!
Cuffed Leather Boyfriend Pants
So the moral of the story is to make sure you check out your local thrift store before you drop $1000 on a pair of leather boyfriend pants!  And if you don't want to save a lot of money, then here are some pants for you!  On the bright side, two of the pants below are under $500!
(Left, Middle on sale for $275, Right on sale for $400)

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