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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Twist Front Skirt DIY

Here are the instructions for the super easy instructions for sewing this twist front knit skirt!  All you need is a slim fitting skirt to trace, some knit fabric and basic sewing supplies.

 Materials and Supplies
-Knit Fabric
-Thread to Match
-Skirt to Trace

 1.  Place your skirt on top of your fabric (two layers of fabric, to make a front and back piece) and cut around the skirt allowing a little extra fabric all around it for seam allowances.
 Make sure that you cut the fabric so that the greatest amount of stretch will go around your body.
2.  Cut a piece of fabric that is the same height as the first two pieces, but extend it 4 inches out from the top and bottom, and 2 inches from the middle on both sides (as shown above).
 3.  Twist that piece of fabric so that it looks like a bow.
 4.  Lay your twisted piece on top of one of your skirt pieces, this will become the front of the skirt.
5.  Pin the two layers together along the sides.
 6.  Place and pin the other skirt piece face down onto the other pieces sandwiching the "bow" between both skirt pieces.
7.  Sew everything together along the side seams.
 8.  Cut a piece of fabric for the waistband that's the same width as the top of the skirt, and twice as wide as your elastic plus an inch.
9.  Cut your elastic so it's the same measurement as your waist.  I used 1" wide elastic.
 10.  Sew your waist band into a circle.  Sew your elastic into a circle.
11.  Fold your waist band in half around the elastic, pinning as you move around the whole circle, encasing all the elastic.
 12.  Sew around the bottom of the waistband to enclose the elastic.
 13.  Pin the waistband onto the top of your skirt matching up your edges, sew it on.
14.  Fold it up, and you're done!

I didn't bother hemming my skirt because most knit fabrics don't fray or"run".

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