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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

20 Stylish Shoe DIYs

20 DIY Shoe Projects
It is no secret that I love shoes and I love DIY!  I'm always looking for new creative ways to revamp the old shoes in my closet, and while browsing online I came across so many amazing DIY shoe projects I thought I should share them with you!
Just click on the picture and it will take you straight to the tutorial!
In other DIY news...I just finished updating my DIY page!

Bead Embellished (A Models Secrets)
Boots to Shoes (Tasha Delrae)
Cat Cap Toe (Kitten Hood)
Ankle Embellishments (Glitter'n Glue)
Drawing and Embellished (I Love To Create)
Feather Fringe (Gouldilocks)
Faux Fur Boot Cuffs (Tasha Delrae)
Metallic Toe Combat Boots (Studs and Pearls)
Jeweled Heel (Boss Chicks)
Isabel Marant Inspired (Tasha Delrae)
Lion Head Embellished (A Matter of Style)
Liquid Leaf Toe Caps (Tasha Delrae)
Nail Polish Painted (Love Meagan)
Neon Painted (Chic Cheap Obsession)
Fabric Covered (Love Meagan)
Sequin Heel (Tasha Delrae)
Sequined Pumps (Love Meagan)
Splatter Painted (Cassie Stephens)
Two Tone Painted (A Beautiful Mess)
Glitter Under-Heel (Tasha Delrae)

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