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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Faux Wrap Tulip Skirt DIY

Here are the instructions to draft the pattern and sew this faux wrap tulip skirt!

Materials and Supplies
-Measuring Tape
-Lining Fabric(Optional, but hightly reccomended!)
-Skirt Zipper

Drafting The Pattern
Measurements Needed:
A. Back Hip Width Divided in 2=_____(Measure the largest part of your butt from side seam to side seam)
B.  Length of hem=_____(Measure from your waist down the length you'd like the skirt)
C.  Waist Measurement Divided in 2+1cm (3/8")=_____

1.  Draw a rectangle the width of measurement A by the height of measurement B.
2.  On right side line (what will end up being the side of the skirt) mark 18cm(7") down.
3.  Draw a line straight out from that mark 2.5 times measurement A.
4.  Mark a dot 2.5cm(1") up from the side line. 
5.  About 7.5cm(3")in from the top of the side line draw a curved line up to the dot.
6.  Draw a long slightly curved line from the dot to the end of the long line you drew in step 3.
7.  Draw a long curved line from the bottom of the side like to the end of that same line.  Start the curve approximately 1/3 of the way out.
 8.  Draw a 1.5cm(5/8") seam allowance around the pattern, place a marking notch where you had marked the dot (above the side line).
9.  For the waist band draw a rectangle the width of measurement C by 6.5cm(2-1/2") high.
10. Mark the half way point on all four sides.
11.  Draw a 1.5cm(5/8") seam allowance aroung the piece skipping one short side, which will be cut on the fold of the fabric.
If you want your skirt to taper in even more at the sides, lower the line that you drew in step 2 and 3, as shown below.

Sewing the Skirt
 1.  Cut out 2 pieces of the main skirt pattern.  Cut 2 lining pieces as well (optional).  Cut 1 waistband piece out of the fabric, and one from interfacing.
2.  Sew the center back seam, along with the zipper.
3.  Sew the center back seam of the lining, leaving it open at the top the same amount as the zipper in the main skirt part.
 4.  Put the skirt and lining pieces right sides together, pin, and sew the skirt at lining pieces together at the bottom.
5.  Trim the seam allowance.
 6.  Under-stitch what's left of the seam allowance toward the lining.
7.  Attach the interfacing to the waistband.
8.  Sew gathering stitches (long stitches) along the top of the skirt.  Gather from the zipper to the notch and pin it onto the back part of the waistband, be sure to leave 1.5cm seam allowance on the end of the waistband.  Gather from the notch to the other end of  the skirt, pin this to the front part of the waist band.  Repeat on the opposite side, this is when you will be overlapping the two front pieces.
9.  Sew the waist band to the skirt.
 10.  Trim the seam allowance and press it up towards the waist band.
11.  Press the top of the waistband down 1.5cm(5/8")
12.  Fold the waist band down in half.  Sew the ends shut as shown below.
13.  Trim the seam allowance and turn the waist band the right side out.
 14.  Pin down the waist band all around the skirt.
 15.  Either hand stitch down the waist band, or do what lazy sewers do, and stitch in the ditch from the right side.
 16.  Hand sew the lining around the zipper.  Hand sew on a few hooks and loops on the inside of the skirt waist band.
**If you skip the lining, skip steps 3-6, and hem the skirt instead.
All Done!

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