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Monday, March 4, 2013

Perfect Fitting Pants

Handmade Lace Top
Colored Lace Peplum Top
Zipper Front Jeans
Lace Peplum Top and Pink Heels
Pants- Self Made (Similar)
Shoes- Nine West (Similar)

I can't believe this is the first time I've worn this top....I made it almost a year ago!  I will admit that for awhile I wasn't quite sure how to wear it...and then I got preggo....and peplums aren't the most flattering while pregnant (take notes Kim)!  I'm glad this top finally made it's way out of my closet for the day!
Now onto these pants I made...a few months ago I picked up some awesome fabric to make jeans with...some metallic bronze denim, and some black coated denim.  I knocked off the pattern from my favorite jeans...and then waited a few months to make them.  The reason for waiting was because in that time I had a baby..haha...and then I wanted to make sure that when I got around to sewing them, they would fit.
Now I have a pair of perfect fitting coated denim pants with exposed zippers at the front, which are perfect for helping showcase a fun pair of heels!  

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