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Sunday, April 28, 2013

5 Different Ways To Layer Chambray!

How to Layer a Chambray Top
 We already know that the Chambray blouse is a very versatile piece that pretty much goes with instead of showing you all the different things it goes with, I thought it would be fun to you you some different ways it can be used as a layering piece!
Wear a strapless Dress over a blouse
Under a Strapless Dress
The only time I've every worn a strapless dress in its natural strapless form was as a bridesmaid in a wedding.  It's not that I don't like how they look, I'm just not that comfortable in them...but I'm totally comfortable in this dress when I wear a shirt under it!  Plus the addition of the chambray blouse under the dress instantly adds interest to the outfit!
Office Appropriate Chambray
Under a Blazer and a Tank Top
I think the biggest thing to consider when layering a Chambray blouse under a tank top is to make sure that the shirt tails hang out below the tank.  I ended up tying a knot in the back of my tank so that it would be short enough for this.  Adding the blazer on top instantly polishes the outfit off!
Layering Chambray with a T-shirt
 Under a T-Shirt
Much like the layering of a tank top, make sure that the shirt tails of the Chambray blouse show below your t-shirt.  I ended up knotting my t-shirt in the front for it to work.  I also think it's important that there's something interesting about the t-shirt you layer over the blouse...if mine didn't have these fun sleeves I don't think it would look quite as nice.

Peplum Blouse with Chambray
 Under a Peplum Blouse
This time you want to make sure that your shirt tails don't peek out from under your blouse, that would look a little messy!  I love how polished this layering looks, the peplum instantly dresses up the Chambray.

Summer Dress and Chambray
 Tied Over a Dress
I think this look works best when the dress is on the flowy side...anything too structured just wouldn't look right...although I would be totally OK if you proved me wrong!

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