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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY Ball Cap

A few weeks ago my hubby asked me why I never wear a ball I told him I'd think about it, but it would probably have to be a leather one.  I don't think that was the answer he was hoping for..haha!
Then a few days later I was browsing in a magazine and I came across a (very expensive) printed hat, and I realized that a Brocade ball cap would be by that night I was building myself my own Brocade ball cap.
Here's some instructions so you can make your own!

Materials and Supplies
-Sewing Machine
-Ball Cap for a Guide
-Measuring Tape
-Ice Cream Pail (or other plastic rounded pail)
-Fabric & Lining
-Small Button

1.  Measure around your head and divide that number by 6.
2.  Measure the top of your head from ear to ear and divide that number in half.
3.  Draw a Triangle that is as tall as the first measurement and as wide as the second measurement.  Curve the lines slightly.
4.  Draw a narrow (8-10mm) seam allowance around that piece.
5.  Trace the brim of an existing ball cap, make one pattern for the brim with no seam allowance, and another with a narrow seam allowance.
6.  Cut out 6 fabric pieces, 6 interfacing pieces and 6 lining pieces from the triangle shaped pattern and 1 fabric and 1 lining from the brim with the seam allowance.
7.  Trace out the brim piece without seam allowance onto your pail.  Cut out your brim.
8.  Attach the interfacing to all the fabric triangle pieces.
9.  Sew two triangle pieces together, stopping your stitches at the edge of where your seam allowance would be (shown below).
10.  Continue to sew the triangle pieces together so you make a round cap.
11.  Sew the lining triangle pieces together the same way.
 12.  Sew the cap brim fabric and lining together.  Cut triangles along the rounded edges as shown below.
 13.  Under-stitch the seam allowance towards the lining and press well.
 14.  Insert the plastic brim into the fabric brim, pin and sew the top shut.
 15.  Line up the center of the brim with one of the seams on the hat, pin and then continue to pin the brim to the hat.
16.  Sew the brim to the hat.
DIY Ball Cap Instructions
 17.  Sew the cap lining piece onto the hat by sandwiching the brim between the cap and the lining, leave a large enough opening in the back so you can flip the hat right side out.
 18.  Hand sew the opening closed.
19. (Optional) Top stitch around the bottom of the hat to help keep the lining under.
20.  Cut out a small circle from your fabric that will fit around your button (as shown below).
 21.  Hand sew the circle around the button by stitching loosely around the circle and then pulling it tight.
 22.  Hand sew the button onto the top of the hat.
 All Done!
Womens Outfit with Ball Cap
(The hat I'm wearing here was made from a different brocade from the original hat I made)

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