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Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY Knit Faux Wrap Tulip Skirt

 Earlier this week I told you about my love of cropped tops and midi skirts, so yesterday I decided to whip one up, pretty much copying the fabulous one I featured by Rachel Zoe!
The skirt ended up being very simple to make, so I'm going to share the instructions with you!

Materials and Supplies
-Sewing Machine
-Knit Fabric(and a light knit fabric for lining is optional)
-Thread to Match
-Measuring tape
-Paper (I use a large roll of paper for all my pattern drafting)

Pattern Drafting Instructions

1.  Draw out a large rectangle that is the length you would like your skirt to be in the back by your hip measurement divided in 2 plus 7".  (As shown below)
2.  Measure down 4.5" from the top corner of the right side and mark.  Draw a curved line from that point to the halfway point of the top line.  (As shown below)
3.  Measure out 6" from the left bottom corner and mark.  Draw a curved line (as shown below) from this point up to the mark you had made in the top right corner.
4.  Draw a notch along the top of your pattern, measuring from the center back, half of your waist measurement.
5.  Draw another notch 4.5" in towards the center back from the waist measurement notch.
Sewing Instructions
Be sure to use a small zig-zag stitch or other stretch stitch for all your sewing.

1.Cut out your pattern so that the center back of the skirt is on the fold, if you use a narrower fabric you may have to add a small center back seam allowance and cut it not on the fold.
If you are going to line your skirt (I highly recommend doing this if you're using a light coloured fabric), cut one skirt piece out of your fabric, and one out of a lighter knit fabric (or self line it if your knit isn't too heavy).
To get keep the fabric folding in nicely around the edge of the skirt (and to keep the lining from peeking out) I would suggest cutting your fabric about half and inch wider around the edge (skipping the top), and half an inch narrower for the lining.

2.  Sew your fabric and lining with right sides together, around the bottom/side edge, with a narrow seam allowance.  Flip the fabric right side out and line the top edges up (as shown below, folded in half).
 3.  Gather the fabric between the side edge and the first notch so that it will fit between the two notches (4.5").
4.  Fold one side of the skirt in, and then the other over top, lining up the notches that are closest to the side. If you do this right, your fabric should have an overlap of 9" (4.5"+4.5").  Pin everything in place.  The side edges of the skirt should line up with the second notch.
5.  Sew around the top of your skirt using a 3/8" seam allowance.

To be extra sure the the front of your skirt hangs nicely in the front, you can also fold under the top side about an inch.
 6.  Cut out a piece of elastic that is equal to your waist measurement.
7.  Cut out a piece of fabric that is equal to your waist measurement and twice as wide as the elastic plus 1.5".
8.  Sew both the elastic and the fabric into a circle.
9.  Fold the fabric circle over the elastic, and sew along the bottom edge, encasing the elastic into the waistband tube.
 10.  Pin the elastic onto the top of the skirt (as shown below), line up the seam of the waistband with the center back of your skirt.
11.  Sew the waistband onto the skirt using a 5/8" seam allowance.
12.  Fold the waist band up, and you're all done!!
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