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Friday, June 14, 2013

5 Ways to Dress Down a Lace Dress!

I made this lace dress in college (like 6 or 7 years ago...ah I'm old!!) and I've never worn in.  Brianna suggested that I should dress it down to get some use out of it, as a result this post was born.
Unfortunately I won't ever be wearing this dress in "real life" because I now remember why I hadn't worn it...the dress is much too tight in the back (thank you broad shoulders...) which makes it near impossible to move my arms..ugh!
Here are the 5 different ways I dressed down my lace dress.
With Leather and Studs

I love throwing my leather jacket over everything, and it's such a nice contrast to lace!  Here's another way I've worn a lace dress with leather.

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With Menswear Inspired Pieces

This blazer and my heeled oxfords are totally unexpected pieces to pair with lace...but unexpected is often a good thing!

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With a Cardigan and Flats

The simplicity of a these flats and a cardigan are perfect for downplaying the dressiness of lace!

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With Chambray and Brown Accessories

Basically by layering brown accessories along with other neutral pieces (the chambray in the case) over the lace dress, the dressy factor ends up being quite toned down.  Here's another example of how I've added brown accessories to a lace dress.

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With a T-Shirt and Chunky Heels

A knotted t-shirt is perfect for dressing down almost anything, and chunky heels are the perfect contrast to the dainty lace.

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