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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Turn a Sweater Into a Cropped Top!

DIY Cropped Top
I have always had a love/hate relationship with this sweater, I loved the style, and how it looked on the hanger, but whenever I wore it, it would bunch up in the waist and make things look lumpy.  This week I whipped up a few midi-skirts, and needed a cropped top to wear with a few of them, I'm planning on making some with the leftover fabric from each skirt, but I wanted a cropped top to wear right now!!  Out came the scissors...and a few cuts and stitches on my sewing machine later, I had my cropped top!
These instructions are for making a cropped top from a sweater that has a ribbed knit hem.

 Materials and Supplies
- Sweater
- Scissors
- Pins
-Sewing Machine
-Thread to Match


1.  Try on your sweater, and pin all along the front below your bra.  Remove the sweater, and connect the line in the back.  
2.  Before you cut the top make sure that your line of pins is relatively straight, and even on both sides.
3.  Cut off the bottom of your sweater about 5/8" below the line you've made.
4.  Cut off the rib knit at the bottom of the sweater.
 5.  To make the sweater fit snug below your chest, hold up the rib knit to your body and check to make sure that it will be tight enough.  If it's a bit too lose, cut off some from one side, and then sew that seam allowance closed so that it's a circle again.
 6.  Pull the rib knit hem over the shirt with the raw edges of the shirt and ribbing lining up, as shown below.  Make sure you do this with the "right sides" of the sweater and hem against each other.
7.  Pin the ribbing around the bottom of the sweater being sure to line up the side seams.
8.  Sew the ribbing onto the sweater with a 5/8" seam allowance using a small zig-zag stitch.  Then either serge the edges or zig-zag around them, this will prevent the sweater from fraying.
9.  Flip down the rib knit, and you're all done!

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