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Friday, July 26, 2013

DIY Elastic Strapped Cropped Top Instructions

DIY Cropped Top
This week I decided I needed a black bandeau style cropped top...but then I quickly realized that I wanted to be able to wear a bra with straps under it.  While Blake was napping I headed downstairs and whipped up this top using a tiny bit of knit fabric and some elastic!
If you want a more sporty looking top, I think this would look great in any colour with black or white contrasting elastic!  I'm thinking white fabric with black straps would be super fun!

 Materials and Supplies
-Thread to Match
-Measuring Tape
You can either draw out the pattern on a piece of paper, or straight onto your fabric using tailoring chalk.
*All sewing should be done with a slight zig-zag stitch*

1.  Measure around your body under your bust, divide measurement in half.  Draw a line straight out from the fold of you fabric this measurement.
2.  Measure up from your first line along the fold, the length you would like your shirt to be, plus 2".  From this point draw a line straight out 4".

3.  Measure up from your first line on the opposite edge the length you would like the back of your shirt to be, plus 2".  You can angle this line out slightly (see above).

4.  Draw a straight line from the top edge of the back of the top to the inner edge of the top line you drew (see above).
 5.  Cut out your fabric following the pattern you just made.
 6.  With right sides together sew together the back seam.  I used a 1cm (3/8") seam allowance.
7.  Turn down the top edge of your shirt 1.5cm (5/8") and turn up the bottom edge 4-5cm (1 1/2-2").  Pin well, and then sew.
8.  Cut out 2 elastic pieces so that the top will fit perfect over your shoulders (try on your top at this point to determine the length you need, and where you would like to place the elastic).

9.  Pin your elastic into place, and then sew it on to your top.
All Done!!

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