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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Sandals

I'm not going to lie, in the summer time I'm a major flip flop kinda girl!  When the weather gets hot I'm always taking the kids either to the lake or an outdoor pool, and there's nothing more annoying than having to buckle up ankle straps on sandals 20 times a day!  The good news for us flip flop girls is that there are many stylish options out there! is a premium surf and travel brand who's sandals are free of toxic PVC, with some styles being made from recycled and organic textiles.  Many of their designs came as a result of sustainable sourcing projects with artisans in developing countries around the world.  Another great thing about Reef is that every employee is granted paid time off to volunteer at a nonprofit organization of their choice!

How's that for guilt free shoe shopping?!?!

Sometimes I have issues with flip flops because of the lack of arch support in them....this girl has some majorly high arches (my feet don't touch the ground at all in-between the ball and heel of my foot)...but guess what!?!  Many of Reefs sandals have arch support!   I absolutely love the idea of a cute pair of summer sandals that are good for my feet!
If you’re not a flip flop girl, but still want a no fuss pair of sandals?  I absolutely love the Reef Rivers sandal, it's super stylish, and the closure is Velcro!

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