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Friday, August 30, 2013

DIY Lace Up Shoes

DIY Shoes Leather Laces
I found these pumps on sale for $10 awhile back, I bought them knowing that one day I'd find the perfect DIY project for them.
I love the idea of pairing bright colours with nude or beige, so of course this project was perfect for these shoes!
Materials and Supplies
- Pair of Plain Pumps
- Package of small eyelets
-Leather Punch (optional)
-Leather Cord (Mine's from Endless Leather)

1.  Try on your shoes, and roughly mark with pencil where you want your lace holes to go.
2.  Use a ruler to adjust the spacing of your holes so that they're all equally spaced.  For my shoes I had 5 holes on each side, spaced 2cm (3/4") apart.
2.  Adjust your leather punch so that the hole is the right size for the eyelets you are using.  If you don't have a leather punch, most eyelet kits include a punch that you can use with a hammer.
3.  Punch out all your holes!
4.  Follow the instructions on your eyelet kit to attach eyelets to all the holes.
5.  Cut out two pieces of leather cord that are at least 2 meters long, and lace them through the eyelets.
I like having a bit of extra length on my cords so that I can wrap the ends around my ankles a couple times and then tie it in a bow.
If you already own a pair of lace up shoes, try switching out the laces for something a bit more colourful!
Lace Up Shoe DIY Pumps Bright Leather Laces

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