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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Excitement in Fashion

Mod Dress 60s Style
Dress- Self Made (how fun is this 60's dress?)
Shoes- Aldo (similar)

Sometimes it bothers me how quickly fashion moves forward, it seems I'm always getting excited about the next new big thing, so whenever I make something new, I'm only excited about it for a few months.  This is really frustrating when I stop and think about how much time and energy (or money) has been spend on these new trends.  But then again, sometimes all it takes is for me to play around in my closet and try on something "old", and I can still get excited about it.  That is what happened with this dress!  I can't remember exactly how long ago I made it (3-5 years ago, a time I was obsessed with the 60s?), but I quite enjoyed wearing it out again after so many years!  Hopefully it doesn't get lost in the back of my closet this time!

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